What we eat accounts for over 75% of our health! HBHL believes that eating a plant based diet is the best way to stay healthy for most people.

Kale: Ultimate Superfood

Hopefully kale has become a staple in your diet, as it has in mine.  It’s super nutritious and easy to incorporate into various recipes including smoothies, soups, and as a healthy snack. I know I’ve blogged about Kale before but there is just so much to say about it, one blog isn’t enough!  Many of…


The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess Greetings HBHLers! This is an exciting week for HBHL. I am meeting with Mrs. Welsh (CSAF’s wife!) this Saturday to tell her all about HBHL and the added services we’ll start to offer in August. On the list of things to add: More fitness classes, more locations, wellness workshops and CHILD CARE!…