Our Mission

HBHL is a on a mission to make Military Families healthier. We do this through education and community building. We are focused on bringing the latest health and wellness information to our members, but we are also committed to getting people together so that they can help one another achieve good health. Finally, in all we do, we take a building block approach to wellness. That means that we encourage people to make small sustainable changes to their daily lives – those small changes add up to good health!

Our Focus

HBHL is centered on a combination of education opportunities via our website and social media profiles and community building at our local HBHL chapters. The HBHL website and blog serve as the education nexus for fitness, nutrition, and mind/body balance lessons, online workouts, and healthy recipes. We focus on the three pillars of wellness: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mind/Body Balance. Our chapter leaders are military spouses trained to lead their communities as fitness instructors, health coaches, and personal trainers. Through our partnerships with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and Yoga Fit, we aim to keep our instructors on the cutting edge of innovation in the health and wellness industry, and bring our members the highest quality and most up-to-date information available.