How does HBHL reach out to everyone?

HBHL reaches our members through our website and social media outlets to share the latest information about health and wellness.  At the local level, our chapters conduct weekly fitness classes, monthly wellness workshops and other events.  Check our website for more information on what’s going on near you.

Who writes HBHLs blogs?

HBHL has many contributors to our blog, all of them are experts in their respective fields.  Look at our Key Staff page for our main contributors.

What are the “three pillars of wellness?

Fitness, Nutrition and Mind/Body Balance – the three most important aspects of your individual health.  It’s important to note that your community is the foundation of all of them.

What kind of non-profit is HBHL?

HBHL is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  We receive funding from private donations, membership fees, sales of our cookbooks and apparel, and grants for our operations.

What is HBHL’s mission and vision?

Vision:  Military spouses who educate individuals, change behaviors in families and grow Wellness-oriented communities.

Mission:  Educate the military family in the three pillars of wellness: fitness, nutrition, and mind/body balance, to inspire healthier individuals, families, and communities.

What is happening at my chapter?

To find activities at your chapter, select your location from the interactive map or calendar on the website.  Also, you can find updates on Facebook.

Who is my chapter leader?

Your chapter leader will be listed on the locations tab of our website.

I love HBHL, how do I start my own chapter?

Send an email to and we’ll let you know how to get up and running.

Can my HBHL chapter do more?

Yes!  HBHL chapters can be as big or small as they want.  HBHL is very flexible, contact us at: with specific requests for more information.

Who is partnering with HBHL?

HBHL is currently partnered with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Yogafit, LiveFIIT and Dr. Amish Jha of the University of Miami.

How can I partner with HBHL?

Please contact us with a specific request at:

How does HBHL find its sponsors?

HBHL uses it networks to find sponsors.  If you know of someone who may like to sponsor HBHL activities, please contact us at:

I want to sponsor HBHL, what do I do?

You can give online via PayPal.  If you would like to sponsor an entire HBHL chapter, contact us at for specifics.