About HBHL

HBHL is a comprehensive health education non-profit organization with an overall mission to make military families healthier. We give our members the tools, resources, and knowledge to optimize their overall wellness using a building block approach to balanced lifestyle change. The most important thing we do is start conversations about how to live healthier and be healthier. It’s about making small changes over time, within yourself, with in your family, and within your community.

HBHL is centered on education and community building through a combination of our website and local HBHL chapters in many locations worldwide. The HBHL website, a critical part of our program, includes a regular fitness/nutrition blog, and healthy recipes. Focusing on the three pillars of wellness: nutrition, fitness, and mind/body, qualified military spouses lead their communities as fitness instructors and health coaches. We have several corporate partners that are helping us deliver the best health education and fitness instruction to our members.


HBHL is proudly partners with the following
health and wellness leaders!


  • “Thanks for asking how I am doing with your program. The big news is I am doing! I have never been attracted to exercise. One of my goals was to stick with your program as much as I can and I am realizing better balance and flexibility. I really notice it when I do daily water aerobics and stretch exercises in the pool. I also have more energy, which is great since I now walk my neighbor’s energetic dog, daily! Additionally, I am watching what I put in my mouth. Thanks for all you do for us (me). See you for yoga tomorrow.”

    ‐ LR
  • “HOLY COW. I just looked through the recipes/plan and printed it out. I am beyond amazed — and sooo love and thank you for putting this together.  I think the shopping, what to eat part was most daunting.It’s all done and looks totally doable. READY for a change and excited to do this w/you.  I wish I could give you a big ole hug of thanks.”

    ‐ MK
  • “I just wanted to drop a note to you to say thank you for doing the yoga classes all year.  I’d never done yoga before and it turned out to be awesome!  I will definitely find a way to continue with it in the future. Your class proved to be the exact thing I needed at the exact time to get not just my physical life organized, but everything else as well.  For that, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.”

    ‐ SK